Jason John Phillips

I create portraits that capture the fleeting feelings of a single moment. Not quite posed and not images of action, my paintings hint at something uneasy below the surface. A slightly uncomfortable emotional snapshot.

My portraits feature strained or forced expressions. My use of texture and depth leads the eye around the painting, inviting the viewer to feel, explore, and identify with the subject.

I grew up with art, becoming an obsessive painter and sketch artist into my early 20’s. But doubt and insecurity drove me to stop completely for 20 years. In 2018 I returned to painting, switching from acrylics to oils and immediately finding my new voice within my art. Twenty years of life experience has given me perspective and a undiluted starting point for expression. Now I am creating work that shows the world through my eyes, me feelings, and my experiences.

I want my audience to nearly miss experiencing the feelings in my paintings. I want them to double take or circle back around to look again. I want them to feel drawn in and connected in a way they didn’t expect. I want them to see just another selfie before they stop to look closer.

As a photo-realistic painter, my images are selected from existing photos instead of posed shots. Many of the images are considered somewhat “unflattering” by the subjects until they are shown the finished piece and see how it fits into the larger body of work. Masonite boards are used to provide a smooth base and oil paints are layered in thin layers with minimal texture.

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