Chryssafenia Gardiakou

Chryssafenia is a multi-local artist, curator and art historian who spends her time in Illinois, Greece, and Ecuador. She works in 2D, 3D, collage, installation and performance, joining artist collectives with gusto and often collaborating with theatre troupes, fashion designers, fiber artists, weavers, musicians and dancers.

Her themes include cross-dressing, alchemy, performativity, shamanism, interstice, the body, disability studies, semiotics, border and Latino studies, as well as sacred stories. Her current work explores magical symbols, hierophanies, and how pain mitigates or intensifies these experiences. Ultimately, exploring and trying to find what inhabits the cusp.

Another significant area of focus is on how fashion has been used in art to navigate, explore and explosively disrupt the status quo. Personal dramaturgy performed via sartorialism is examined as well.

In Illinois, curatorial work includes 2003’s art exhibit EYE CANDY, and 2004’s ART VIRUS in Aurora, IL.

In the role of international curator, she has worked with artist collective founder and eco-activist Mirto Fifa for the floating art exhibit Re:Think in the region of Mani in southern Greece, an exhibit tackling consumerism, found art and illegal dumping in the region of Maratholaka.


M.A in Art History
B.F.A. in Studio Art
B.A. in Art History
S.A.I.C (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

Apprenticed under Christo Rigana, Sculptor

Workshop with Flo Oy Won ( multi-media collage seminar)

ArtShows participated in

Accepted Art