About ArtBar

What are we doing?

We organize a space for local artists to show and sell their art. We don't charge fees or commission - artists keep everything they make. We pay for everything from donations and out of our own pockets.

Each month, we organize a pop-up art show around a central theme. Themes are chosen by us, with input from artists. We set some rules and guidelines so that it's as organized as a crowded room full of beer-swilling artists can be.

We also put together events and sideshows that promote the artists and the community. From live painting at events, to independent writer readings, and even virtual reality art - we try to build a sense of community amongst us.

We want to see cool art - so we create that space.

Meet the ArtBar Board

ArtBar's been around for several years and it's always been driven by volunteers. We're not a 501 (c) 3, and we all have other jobs. We just love art and the Aurora art community.





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